Population information

Order name Gruiformes
Family name Rallidae
Scientific name Canirallus oculeus Common name Grey-throated Rail
Population name West Central Africa
Breeding range S Nigeria to N Gabon, S along coast to S Congo Non-breeding range
Red List Category Least Concern
Ramsar regions Africa
Notes Split from C & E Africa population in WPE4. Birds from Cameroon eastward have been treated as a separate subspecies, batesi.

Conservation Framework

Conservation framework Notes
No conservation frameworks

Population size

Publication Start year End year Minimum Maximum Estimate quality Notes References Actions
WPE 4 0 0 -1 -1
WPE 5 0 0 -1 -1

Population trends

Publication Start year End year Trend Trend quality Notes References Actions
WPE 4 0 0 Unknown
WPE 5 1987 1997 DEC [R618]

Population 1% level

Publication Yearset 1 percent Note
WPE 4 0 -1
WPE 5 0 -1


  • R618 - Taylor, P.B. and van Perlo, B. (1998). Rails: a Guide to the Rails, Crakes, Gallinules and Coots of the World. Pica Press, Mountfield, Sussex.


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