Population information

Order name Charadriiformes
Family name Laridae
Scientific name Hydroprogne caspia Common name Caspian Tern
Population name Black Sea (bre)
Breeding range Black Sea Non-breeding range Mediterranean, W, N & E, Africa
Red List Category Least Concern
Ramsar regions Africa Europe
Notes In WPE4 this population belonged to one single population, Baltic & Black Seas, Turkey. In CSR5 species expert recommends division because thousands of ring recoveries indicate complete separation of Baltic and Black Sea populations in breeding season.

Conservation Framework

Conservation framework Notes
AEWA 2014

Population size

Publication Start year End year Minimum Maximum Estimate quality Notes References Actions
WPE 5 2000 2000 3,300 5,400 Best guess [R63]
CSR 6 1990 2000 3,300 5,400 Census based [S8580]

Population trends

Publication Start year End year Trend Trend quality Notes References Actions
WPE 5 1990 2000 INC Poor [T4494] [R63]
CSR 6 1990 2000 STA Reasonable [T6573]

Population 1% level

Publication Yearset 1 percent Note
WPE 5 2012 40
CSR 6 0 -1


  • R63 - BirdLife International (2004)b. Birds in Europe, population estimates, trends and conservation status. Cambridge, UK: BirdLife International. (BirdLife Conservation Series No. 12).
  • R1549 - BirdLife International 2015. European Red List of Birds. Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities. http://datazone.birdlife.org/info/euroredlist


  • T4494 - BirdLife International 2004b.Trend decreased 1970-1990, increased 1990-2000
  • S8580 - 1,100-1,800 pairs in TR and UA (BirdLife International, 2004).
  • T6573 - Corrected from WPE5. 20-29% increase in TR is more or less compensated by the 0-9% decrease in the larger population in UA.
  • S8982 - 1,100-2,500 pairs in TR and UA.
  • T7063 - Stable in the short-term but suffered significant long-term decline.

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