Population information

Order name Anseriformes
Family name Anatidae
Scientific name Spatula versicolor Common name Silver Teal
Population name fretensis, S South America
Breeding range C Chile, C Argentina S to Patagonia Non-breeding range S of range deserted, migration N & E into Brazil
Red List Category Least Concern
Ramsar regions Neotropics
Notes In WPE2 this population belonged to one single population (A.v. fretensis, S S.Am:N Arg-Falkland Islands (Malvinas)).

Conservation Framework

Conservation framework Notes
No conservation frameworks

Population size

Publication Start year End year Minimum Maximum Estimate quality Notes References Actions
WPE 3 2001 2001 25,000 100,000 [R570]
WPE 4 2001 2001 25,000 100,000 [R570]
WPE 5 2001 2001 25,000 100,000 Best guess [R570]

Population trends

Publication Start year End year Trend Trend quality Notes References Actions
WPE 3 1972 1992 STA [R214]
WPE 4 1972 1992 STA [R214]
WPE 5 1972 1992 STA [R214]

Population 1% level

Publication Yearset 1 percent Note
WPE 3 2002 1000
WPE 4 2006 1000
WPE 5 2012 1000


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  • R214 - Ellis-Joseph, S., Hewston, N. and Green, A. (compilers). 1992. Global Waterfowl Conservation Assessment and Management Plan: First Review Draft. Report by the IUCN Captive Breeding Specialist Group and The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust. 1992. 77 pp.


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